Yankee Chapter of ASMC Officer Elections

Yankee Chapter officers

Yankee Chapter responded to a challenge laid down by Barbara Briand (CDFM), the comptroller of the Electronic Systems Command, to reestablish the chapter.  With 79 members in attendance, including representatives from the US Army Corps of Engineers, the chapter held election of officers, and appointed several committee chairs.  The newly installed Yankee Chapter officers are (from left): Judy Keene, President; Shannon Murphy, Vice-President; 2dLt Elicia Killingsworth, Secretary; and MSgt JC (Jeffrey) Cross, Treasurer. The new chapter leadership has integrated the committee chairs into the Executive Committee.  The committee chairs are: Catherine A. Schultz, Awards, Fundraising, and Scholarship; co-chairs TSgt Marissa A. Cross and Jennifer S. Lemay, Membership; Andrade R. Haughton, Communications; Ken Sweeney, Programs; Michael D. Alexander (CDFM), Training and Education; and Richard P. Roy, Community Service. They have also begun to hold monthly meetings and the committees are working hard to reinvigorate the ASMC in the region.



What a great time for ESC and the revitalized Yankee Chapter!