Creating a SF-182 in myETMS Instructions - ASMC 2019 Regional PDI - March 28th, 2019

1. Log into myETMS;
2. Click on “Search Course Catalog”

3. In the Select Course box make sure Hanscom AFB and Active Courses are displayed in the drop down boxes. Also make sure the Course Number radio button is checked.
4. In the Search Box type in ASMC-YC-YCRPDI.

5. Click Go.
6. The ASMC Yankee Chapter Regional PDI should be listed.

7. Click on the ASMC-YC-YCRPDI hyperlink to select the class.
8. On the next screen click on the Submit a SF-182 box.

9. The next screen requires you to select your supervisor. If your supervisor is listed click on their name which should be a blue hyperlink. If your supervisor is not listed they will need to contact the Training Manager to have them added as your supervisor. Also note that any PDI committee Chair or Executive member should not be approving any SF-182’s due to conflict of interest.

10. An electronic SF-182 opens and you can now go through and fill in the required fields.

11. The tuition price is listed at $45. If you are NOT an ASMC member this is what you will be charged. If you are an ASMC member your price is $40 to register.

12. ASMC members will need to write a comment in Section E. in the Employee box stating ASMC member registration price is $40.

13. Once SF-182 is complete you can click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen.

14. It will open a dialog box asking you to verify the tuition price is correct. If you are paying $45 OR if you added the comment to the Employee section stating your cost is $40 you can click OK.

15. It will then ask you if you are sure you want to create the SF-182.

16. It will open a Trainee Agreement/Certification for you to read. Once you have read it click the I Agree button at the bottom.

17. It will ask if you agree to the terms on this page. If so click OK.

18. You then have the option to print your SF-182 for your records. If you’d like to print a copy click OK at the bottom of the page.

19. It should bring you to a screen that shows your training requirements and you should now see the PDI course at the top and the status should read SF182 Request Generated.

20. Your request should now be going through for approval and you should follow-up with your supervisor.
21. Once your supervisor approves it will then flow through to your training manager.
22. Final approval will be the Ed Center.
23. Once your SF-182 has been approved at all levels you can print out a final signed copy and provide it to your GPC cardholder for payment processing (payment procedures will be provided separately upon registration).