Creating a SF-182 for a group

Course number: ASMC-YC-YCRPDI
Course title: ASMC Yankee Chapter Regional PDI
See attached sample SF182.
1. Use a manual form. Download here:
2.The tuition price is listed at $45. If you are NOT an ASMC member this is what you will be charged. If you are an ASMC member your price is $40 to register.
3. Attach a list of all individuals that are requesting approval on an excel spreadsheet

Creating a SF-182 in myETMS Instructions - ASMC 2019 Regional PDI - March 28th, 2019

1. Log into myETMS;
2. Click on “Search Course Catalog”

3. In the Select Course box make sure Hanscom AFB and Active Courses are displayed in the drop down boxes. Also make sure the Course Number radio button is checked.
4. In the Search Box type in ASMC-YC-YCRPDI.

5. Click Go.
6. The ASMC Yankee Chapter Regional PDI should be listed.

Regional PDI 2019 - Save The Date 28 March 2019

FM community,

It is my pleasure to officially announce the ASMC 2019 Regional PDI to be hosted at Hanscom AFB Conference center on March 28th, 2019.

Guest Speakers include (more to be listed):

- Brig. General Trent Edwards – Director for Budget Operations and Personnel SAF/FMB
- Ms. Pamela Condino, GS-15, HAF SAF/FMBIB
- Mr. Robert Lymangrover, Director, Financial Analysis Division AFLCMC
- Lt. Col Michael Giacomazzi, Program Control Chief, AFMC
- Steve Morgan - Nationally recognized motivational speaker

More information to follow.


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